Savinelli - Collection 2024

Every year since 1985, Savinelli continues the tradition of its Collection Series. With a brand new model every year, this Series is well-known among collectors. In 2024, we present a half-bent Cherrywood in 4 different finishes: smooth natural (only 49 pieces available), smooth brown, sandblasted and sandblasted with a smooth top. Black acrylic saddle stem with elegant insert in natural color. A brass plate indicating the year is set on the shank.

Savinelli - Balanzone

With this series, we want to celebrate the Italian Carnival with its masks traditionally linked to different cities. Balanzone, who gives his name to this series, is a Doctor of Law: he is, in fact, a caricature of the learned and truncated Bolognese lawyer. His actual name illustrates this, for Balanzone is derived from the Bolognese balanzån, meaning balances, that is, the symbol of the Law. He is dressed in a black toga, white collar and cuffs, great Bolognese hat, jacket and black cloak. He enjoys much esteem among the other masks who often turn to him for legal advice: he speaks and dispenses opinions of no value. To emulate the figure of this mask, we chose the 320 KS model with a white mouthpiece and a black and white wavy band to resemble the large neck of his costume. This series is offered in smooth natural and rusticated black finishing. A beautiful box dedicated to the Carnival enriches the product.

Savinelli - Fragola

The Fragola series is part of the Natural line, designed for connoisseurs who wish to smoke something genuinely natural. The selected briar is flawless, and the finish is entirely natural, as indicated by its color. The pipe's craftsmanship expertly replicates the outer appearance of a strawberry, including the red acrylic mouthpiece with a green band. The pipe is sold with a dedicated design box. The series is offered in five different models.

Savinelli - Minerva

The Minerva series, available in smooth natural and rusticated brown finishing, is dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, protector of artists and artisans. The dark brown acrylic stem has been designed with two silver-colored bands of different widths at the end to match the pipe's shank perfectly. The series is offered in six different models.

Savinelli - Vigna

The Vigna series, available in smooth burgundy and rusticated burgundy finishing, recalls the colors of Italian red wine. Its particular acrylic stem is made up of a nuance of different shades ranging from red/burgundy to dark purple. The pipe is enriched by a thin gold color band, which gives it elegance and class. The series is offered in seven different models.

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